Field Establishment Techniques for Guindo Santo, an Endemic Species from Central Chile

Carolina Alvarez, Manuel Acevedo, Marta González, R. Kasten Dumroese, Eduardo Cartes, Iván Quiroz

Tree Planters' Notes 62 (1-2):35-43 (2019)

First-year outplanting performance was measured in guindo santo (Eucryphia glutinosa (Poepp. & Endl.) Baill.), a Chilean endemic tree species in the Mediterranean climate zone, which is catalogued as a near-threatened species. The effects on survival of initial plant size, fertilization at establishment, and shade (with or without nurse trees) were evaluated during the first growth season. Planting guindo santo under nurse trees was the most important treatment to increase survival, compared with trees planted in full sun. We believe that the positive effects of nurse trees on survival are linked to a decrease in plant drought during summer, in response to higher levels of soil water content and a decrease in incident irradiation. We strongly suggest the use of shade, like nurse or tree shelters, during guindo santo establishment in a Mediterranean climate.

22 de octubre de 2019